Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck

The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck is a very creative and original story. Laurie Madison has just begun middle school at Tuckernuck Hall and is desperate to get out. The halls of Tuckernuck are packed with odd art, old librarians, and Tuckernuck Clucker spirit. Laurie’s best friend, Kimmy, attends another middle school, and Laurie is determined to join her there. Unfortunately, before anything can begin, she is assigned gerbil duty with Bud Wallace, the most unappreciated sixth-grader (after Bud’s elementary school science project that focused on the dangers of sweets, the school board banned them district-wide). Reluctant to deal with the rodents, or Bud, Laurie is not expecting to have any fun, but when one of the gerbils escapes and she must chase it down with Bud, Laurie stumbles on the first clue to the famed Tucernuck treasure. Hidden eighty years before by Principal Tutweiler, a somewhat legendary eccentric, neither of the sixth-graders thought that they had a chance at finding the treasure, but working together, this unlikely team is able to uncover clue after clue. Meanwhile, the school board is planning to destroy Tuckernuck Hall and sell the land to a developer, and Bud is battling his dad who believes that academics are all-important. When Laurie and Bud see the bulldozers rushing in, they must race against the clock (and rival, Calliope Judkin who is hot on their trail) in order to try to find the treasure and save the school. This book is clever and unique. There are pictures of memos, journal entries, and notes throughout the chapters which may be a bit harder for developing readers to understand. The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck is worth a read, though!

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